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Woodstock IPA

This BOLD flavored, well balanced India Pale  Ale is defined by premium hops and a fine  selection of varying malts.  At 8 1/2% by  volume and brewed with three varieties of  hops, Woodstock IPA is the new Imperial  style double ale with plenty of bite to match  its  bark!


Alcohol:  8.5% ABV

Gravity:  1.079 SG/1.012 TG

Bitter:  77.6 IBUs

Color:  11.0


Hops:  Nugget, Willamette & Cascade

Malts:  2 Row Pale & Caramel

Yeast:  Wyeast


Availability:  Case, six pack,  15.5 Gallon 1/2 Bbl kegs & 5 Gallon kegs


Woodstock Pilsner

The wonderfully refreshing German style Pilsner has the golden color and smooth taste that all beer lovers would recognize as a premium "BREWSKY!"  Like IPA companion, Woodstock Pilsner boasts an engagingly provocative flavor equal to its consumer's zest for life!

Alcohol:  5.4% ABV

Gravity:  1.045 SG/1.010 TG

Bitter:  4.9 HBUs/18.2 IBUs

Color:  2.4


Hops:  Kent Golding, Perle & Tettenger

Malts:  2 Row Pale & DC Pilsen

Yeast:  Wyeast


Availability:  Case, six pack, 15.5 Gallon 1/2 Bbl kegs & 5 Gallon Kegs

Woodstock IPA goes great with all sorts of foods.  Its powerful hop flavor makes a worthy mate for even the spiciest of dishes, like hot wings, or rich foods, such as steaks and kabobs.  Starter foods and appetizers may never have had a better complement than Woodstock Brewing Company's new IPA.


Woodstock Pilsner goes great with all situations.  This clean crisp beer makes the best of times with good friends, game-day afternoons, "beach bumming," or whatever play-time your heart desires!  Throw some burgers and shrimp no the grill and enjoy a Woodstock Pilsner!


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